Let's Talk About Sexual Healing

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Let's Talk About Sexual Healing

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January 12th, 6pm @MATTER (811 E. Burnside St. Suite 124)

Let’s Talk About Sexual Healing is a dynamic panel discussion and Q&A that promotes open conversation in a stigma-free environment. We’ll talk and learn about sex, sex culture, sex education, sexual health, desire, consent, relationships, gender, body image, the sex-positive movement and more. This is the perfect time and place for adults to ask all the questions they (still) have about their bodies, cravings, confusions, fetishes, and fears.

Audience members will have the opportunity to submit anonymous questions, as well as ask them out loud.

Why do we need these kinds of conversations?

Our bodies and their instincts are constantly manipulated through marketing and political control tactics. Many of us have inherited burdens of shame and fear from religious and cultural norms, which seek to divorce our humanness from our “goodness.” Patriarchy and oppression function in large part by controlling our desires and repressing our identities.

Sexual healing is a personal and collective process that extends beyond sexual health. Healing requires examining how sex, sexuality, and sex culture have been distorted and turned into promotional content, bargaining chips, and control mechanisms. Empowerment necessitates bucking a system that takes advantage of our fears and insecurities, and replacing it with open-minded, pleasure-positive, consent-based cultural perspectives. Subverting shame can only happen through radical, embodied empowerment. Sexual healing is about more than our bodies or our bedrooms—our communities, economies and environments also need this tending. This panel aims to provide a model for conversation and community-supported re-education that cultivates curiosity, open-mindedness, and healthy expressions of our bodies.

Panelists include: Eva Blake, a hands-on sex and relationship mentor, who teaches erotic and emotional skills to people who are tired of feeling stressed out or shut-down in their sex life, and want to feel free and confident in all their intimate moments. Leidi Monte is a writer, poet, public speaker, and advocate for the intersex community and an organizer for the North West Intersex Action League. Ngozi Olemgbe is a Planned Parenthood sexual health educator. Emphasizing an intersectional lens, she considers the unique historic and social factors, as well the cultural strengths, that exist in each community she works with, in order to advance equity and promote justice.

This event has limited attendance and will sell out. Pre-register!

This workshop is part of the Means of Exchange series. Learn more here.

Eva Blake has been described by friends and clients alike as fierce, straightforward, raw, and graceful.
As a hands-on sex and relationship mentor, Eva teaches erotic and emotional skills to people who are tired of feeling stressed out or shut-down in their sex life and want to feel free and confident in all their intimate moments. Her collaborative coaching style fuses ritual arts, movement, emerging science, kink, and erotic exploration to cultivate resilience in the face of shame and restore the relationship between body, intuition, pleasure, and joy. Eva offers workshops, retreats, and private coaching designed to help you create the sexual life you desire.
Eva holds certificates in Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education, and the Transformational Coaching Method in addition to a BA in Government from Smith College.  She has spoken at Catalyst Con, Kink Fest, on the stage at The Mystery Box, and been featured in numerous podcasts and print.
She is a queer femme witch, a serious introvert and homebody, with a world news addiction, and a pit bull as a primary companion.

Leidi Monte is a writer, poet, public speaker, and advocate for the intersex community. She organizes for the North West Intersex Action League, and volunteers at KBOO Community Radio as an on-air personality and member of the Lighthouse Productions Art Collective. Leidi is a survivor of intersex circumcision aka IGM (Intersex Genital Mutilation), and her experiences and that of others in the intersex community is what necessitates a frank, healthy, and current cultural dialogue around sex, biology, and expression. She uses various forms of art and media to stimulate a conversation and collage space and understanding in our culture for intersex people, the diversities and complexities of women, and of human sexuality in general.
They have an artist page on Facebook for public engagement, and links to their other projects can be found at www.L-Productions.org.

Ngozi Olemgbe is a sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood. She emphasizes an intersectional lens in her work, and believes we must understand the unique historical and social factors that affect each community we work with, as well as understand the cultural strengths existing in each community to advance equity and promote justice. Ngozi believes everyone should have places in their lives to talk openly about sexuality and facilitates conversations throughout the Tri-County area, emphasizing healthy relationships, body image, self-awareness and communication as pillars of sexual health.

Born and raised in Portland, Ngozi was a sexual health peer educator for Cascade AIDS Project in her teenage years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Vassar College in Sociology with a focus in Africana and Women’s Studies. Her studies also include movement, somatic awareness, and mindfulness, which inform her work in youth and community empowerment programs.

100% of the proceeds for your ticket are split evenly between panelists and organizers, each ticket price includes a donation that will be split evenly between Planned Parenthood and The Gateway Center.



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