let's talk about sexual healing

Let’s Talk About Sexual Healing is ongoing research focused on sex, sexuality, sensuality, eroticism, and the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that surround these topics. The intent of this research is to promote greater awareness and conversation, and to seek personal, and embodied responses to the question, What is Sexual Healing? This project was catalyzed by Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio. The first phase of research is November 2017-December 2018. During this phase, research is primarily focused on somatic experience and community conversation.

Somatic means relating to the body, as opposed to the mind. Somatic research involves meditative awareness through sensation and movement. I'll continue to offer regular workshops with facilitated somatic process throughout 2018. Along with live workshops I've created a digital workshop in the form of a podcast that participants can engage wherever, whenever. Examples and outcomes of this process are highlighted below. To invite me to facilitate this workshop for your community, contact me!

Community conversations take place through panel discussions and podcasts. Panel discussions will be held January 12th, May 4th, August 11th, and November 3rd in 2018. Panel discussions feature 2-4 presenters who are sex educators, sexual healers, and sex-positive activists/advocates. Panelists are chosen to represent different perspectives and approaches to sex education and healing. All panel discussion events will take place at MATTER. Podcasts and videos of the panel discussions will be available soon at the project resource website.

This project is part of the Means Of Exchange series

Let’s Talk About Sexual Healing!

Our bodies and their instincts are constantly manipulated through marketing and political control tactics. Many of us have inherited burdens of shame and fear from religious and cultural norms, which seek to divorce our humanness from our “goodness.” Patriarchy and oppression function in large part by controlling our desires and repressing our identities.

Sexual healing is a personal and collective process that extends beyond sexual health. Healing requires examining how sex, sexuality, and sex culture have been distorted and turned into promotional content, bargaining chips, and control mechanisms. Empowerment necessitates bucking a system that takes advantage of our fears and insecurities, and replacing it with open-minded, pleasure-positive, consent-based cultural perspectives. Subverting shame can only happen through radical, embodied empowerment. Sexual healing is about more than our bodies or our bedrooms—our communities, economies and environments also need this tending. This project aims to provide a model for conversation and community-supported re-education that cultivates curiosity, open-mindedness, and healthy expressions of our bodies.

Let's Talk About Sexual Healing at  Comox Valley Art Gallery

Let's Talk About Sexual Healing at Comox Valley Art Gallery