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Yoga for Hypermobility: A workshop for yoga students and teachers

This workshop will focus on hypermobility as a common issue that many yoga students face. Hypermobility is rarely recognized as a condition that deserves special treatment and rehabilitation. Since most “bendy” yoga students are applauded for their flexibility and rarely guided to recognize it as a health issue, many will go on to overstretch and cause serious damage to their connective tissues. Connective tissue damage causes long-term impact to joint and skeletal stability as well as overstimulation and distress in the central nervous system. In this session you will learn about the physiology of hypermobility and how it affects not just your body, but your mental and emotional states as well. You will learn basic strategies to protect your joints during asana practice and will be given a number of strengthening exercises that supplement your practice while (re)building integrity in your joints. We will also discuss strategies and techniques for supporting the recovery process of chronic over-extension. Students will receive detailed handouts with anatomical information, resources for ongoing reconditioning and home practice suggestions.

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